Botnet attacks and bandwidth

I was wondering what would happen if my website on DH was to get attacked by a botnet of 100k computers? my monthly bandwidth would be gone in a few days meaning I would have to pay a lot extra at the end of the month…

Is this correct? and does DH offer any kind of protection against these attacks?

That’d be a DDoS, which DreamHost would notice very quickly. Not only would it impact you, but everybody else on your servers, and most likely neighboring servers as well.

They’d block it before it sucked up that much of your bandwidth. Since your site would be down anyhow, they may just take it offline while they took measures to block the attack.


Don’t worry about your monthly bandwidth. Generally, your server will become overloaded before you get close to running out of bandwidth - particularly when the hits are coming all at once.

After all, the purpose of the attack is Denial of Service - that is, to overload your site such that it can’t actually service requests.

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Why would someone attack your site with a botnet. What are you hosting? :open_mouth:

Probably something like adorable pictures of puppies. Does it matter?


Pics of said puppies?