Both website and admin running extremely slow

Hi everyone,

I installed WP on my domain a few weeks ago and right from the very start it’s been running extremely slow (takes about 5 Mississippi seconds to load). My admin panel runs just as slow. I’ve tried it on several different computers and networks and still slow. I’ve been switched to a different server with no change.

Keep in mind at this point I have one theme installed (Contango) and three plug-ins (Askimet, Ultimate Coming Soon Page, and WP Super Cache - all but the Ultimate Coming Soon Page are disabled). My website is still just an empty theme at this point so there’s no content clogging things up.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Can I get a response from a Dreamhost staff member…?

To get dreamhost response you should open a ticket via the panel.

Staff might respond to to a forum thread, but in all honestly they only respond to a very small percentage of forum threads, and the forum is not an official support channel.

Sorry, I TRY to keep an eye on WP questions here, but the 4.0 release backed me up a lot.

There’s no reason that should be slow. Can you open a ticket and ask them to check on apache for you?

The only reason that I didn’t suggest that specifically is because the delay’s too short to be the older apache glitch. It doesn’t get talked about a lot anymore and it used to always be a 30 second delay or multiples of 30 seconds. His delay is more like 5-10 seconds. Is there also cases where it will be 5-10 seconds of delay?

I’ve been back and forth with support via email for weeks, still no resolution. Thought someone here might be able to help. The apache thing has been brought up more than once, and “fixed” with no change in speed. I’ve done a trace route and nothing came of that either. Makes no sense.

I think I see the issue here. Your database is hosted in our East Coast data center, while your web site is on the West Coast. The distance between the two is making communications slow — this is totally our fault, and we should have caught that earlier. I’m really sorry about that.

Probably the easiest fix is going to be for us to move your database onto a West Coast server. Given the size of your database, this probably won’t take more than five or ten minutes, and it should speed things up quite a bit. Want me to give it a shot?

Hi Andrew, thank you for the response. Yes, let’s try that.
Does this mean that people on the east coast will just get the slow loading instead?

All right, I’ve moved your database to a server that’s much better situated — it’s now about six feet away from your web server, rather than 2,000 miles. That seems to have improved the load time considerably.

Having the database on the East Coast wasn’t providing any benefits to visitors near there, since they don’t access the database directly. It’s only used by your web server.