Boot/persistent process questions

So basically the situation is this: I suck at Unix. I’m trying to learn, but I have a few questions. I have a personal server now so I can run persistent processes.

I searched several times, but was unable to find anything pertaining to my exact question… I am trying to add ventrilo to my server as a persistent process, but when I run it from the console in SSH, if I log off it stops. Is there a way to edit the boot scripts on dreamhost PS, or is there a way to run this through crontab? (As stated before, I really suck at linux, so is there a site that has some examples or explanations on how to do that?)

You can launch your ventrilo via nohup and keep it running even if you logout.

Also you can use screen to do the same… and detach from your session and reatach…

Or you can start your process do a ctrl + z and then send to background with bg, also starting your process with yourprocess & do the same trick (but you lose all output), beter use it with nohup.

info is your friend info nohup, info screen.

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Using nohup works great, but now I can’t see it in the running processes when I close out of my session and start a new one. I only see bash and ps.

When switching me over to the new personal server, I initially didn’t have access to crontab or a few other commands, do you think my original problem could be due to a permissions issue, or why can’t I see ventrilo running through nohup?

(the ventrilo server IS up and working, I confirmed this… I just have no way to shut it down now without restarting the server hahaha)

jobs must help or

ps ax

that must return all your processes. if you want a graphic aproach use top.

to kill without knowing the proceses id use pkill with care.

i.e. pkill ventrilo

pkill accepts signals like -HUP (kill graceful) -9 (inmediately), etc

man kill for all the signals and options.

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Awesome, thank you very much! I suck :smiley: