BoldGrid page builder is overriding my template styles

I just setup a DreamPress Plus account and copied over my WordPress site however, BoldGrid page builder is causing trouble with CSS. My site uses a template (not created with/for BoldGrid) that uses Bootstrap 4. BoldGrid is overriding some of my template css and Bootstrap 4 styles.

My main question is, can I delete all the BoldGrid plugins and still use the DreamPress Plus features like JetPack Pro, Total Upkeep Premium, and VaultPress?

Is BoldGrid a required plugin for those other plugins and features? So far BoldGrid is just really annoying but I like the other plugins it seems to be tied into.

If it is required, how do I keep it from overriding Bootstrap and template styles? I temporarily fixed it with a hack (I renamed the offending BoldGrid css files). It wont last and it’s surely not the correct way to deal with this.

Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe don’t use BoldGrid. Any page builder will have issues.

If your pages are WP, why not just stick to that?

Or better yet, lean to write code :slight_smile:

I’m a programmer. I’ve been working with PHP for a very long time and trying to avoid WordPress. I created our theme and templates. I’ve been ‘forced’ into using WordPress so other team members can add and edit content. I don’t have a problem writing code but I’m not really familiar with the theming and templating functions and structure of WP yet.

Apparently, we have to have BoldGrid installed on the site. It’s part of a package of plugins that use the BoldGrid registration key. If it’s not there the other plugins revert to the free version and we lose premium features.

I’m not at all familiar with BoldGrid, however a quick search suggests that the plugin system has a CSS override ability of sorts. Description here:

Thanks for the feedback. I really dont want to use BoldGrid or have it touch my pages, if I dont have to. I think I found a way through deactivating/de-registering the boldgrid CSS in my theme’s functions file.

Thanks for all the help offered. I helped steer my research in the right direction.

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