does not work for me and for FTP access does not work it gives me a failed to connect in an instance. I tried it in firefox and IE and get the same error. Please advise. Is there a new IP or web address that I do not know of?

That’s the correct IP address, and I can at least get an FTP login prompt. What’s the URL of your site? Or maybe it’s all working now for you.

-Scott and no it is still giving me that it is a broken link and can not connect.

Your site is up, but I don’t think that’s what you had in mind.

If you’re trying to use FTP to maintain your site, use an FTP client. I don’t think IE or Firefox will work for that. However, you can go to the Panel here and go to Domains -> Manage Domains and click the WebFTP link next to your domain name. That’ll give you a browser-based FTP client. Or download Filezilla:


when i do that it ask me for the password and username and i looked at the email that was sent to me with that info and it said that the info i provided was invalid. I also use FTP navigator for placing stuff onto my site but i cant get the username and password right would i have to contact dream host for that ???

This is the error i get when i use the same login info to get to the panel. Any suggestion?

An error has occured

Unable to login to FTP server with username pattrom.

Are you sure your username and password are correct? Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

Go back or Go to the login page

View technical details

Panel > Users > Manage Users

Find the user you’re trying to connect with.

Ensure they have FTP access enabled, if so, try changing the password.

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