BoastMachine PHP Help

Hey guys. I have previous experience with using prebuilt php/mysql sites on dreamhost. however, i am trying to use boastmachine blog software as wordpress is just too bloated and overly complex for my purposes. I have it working fine in terms of posting and mysql. however, the direct links are not working, you can see for yourselves. works fine and the posts show up
but if you use a direct link it give the no input file specified error.

i can’t seem to find any form of help from the boastmachine site or google. is this something simple to fix? a setting i have wrong or do i need to go through lines of php to fix the problem?


I’m not familiar with the software you are using, but looking at the URL structure of your permanent links leads me to suspect that you have problems with your mod_rewrite rules, assuming you have them (you might be using the server-side scripting language to parse the URL instead).

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how can I check whether I am using mod_rewrite / how do i adjust it or how do i check if it is using server side scripting language?

You need to check to see if you have a file in your main web directory called .htaccess (which may be hidden). mod_rewrite rules go in there.

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yes, the main page of the site does have an .htaccess file

here is what it says

[quote]RewriteEngine On


RewriteRule ^post/(.)/(.)/(.*)/ $1.php/?id=$2

RewriteRule ^post/(.)/(.)/(.*) $1.php/?id=$2


RewriteRule ^page/(.)/(.)/ $1.php/?p=$2

RewriteRule ^page/(.)/(.) $1.php/?p=$2


RewriteRule ^cat/(.)/(.)/ $1.php/?cat=$2

RewriteRule ^cat/(.)/(.) $1.php/?cat=$2

Calendar : /calendar/DATE

RewriteRule ^calendar/(.)/(.)/ $1.php?show=$2

RewriteRule ^calendar/(.)/(.) $1.php?show=$2

Archive : /archive/DATE

RewriteRule ^archive/(.)/(.)/ $1.php?show=$2

RewriteRule ^archive/(.)/(.) $1.php?show=$2[/quote]

anything appear incorrect in that file?

Thanks again,

anyone see an obvious problem with this .htaccess file? i am still at a loss with how to fix this. i may just dump boastmachine and go with the built in wordpress in dreamhost.