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Hi All,

I’m running a ZENcart site and now I’m going to be taking credit cards the mod I’m using says I need to install Blowfish… I have googled it but as yet I can’t work out how to do it… can anyone help me please???



What “mod” are you using?





Okay, from looking at the FAQ for that module, it seems that you are talking about the PEAR blowfish package.

The instructions you need to install this for the module to work are in the FAQ linked above, and DreamHost specific instructions for installing PEAR packages for use on your DreamHost account are provided in the DreamHost Wiki

Following these instructions should get you sorted. If you have a specific problem with the installation process after you have followed those instructions, post back here with a detailed description of what you have done, and any error messages you received, and hopefully we can help figure out what you are doing wrong. :wink:



feeling silly… how do I log in using SSH?

#6 details the process (make sure you also check out the link included in that page - particularly the link to enabling shell access). :wink:



Many thanks for this… I’ll give it all a good go and if I get stuck I’m sure to return!

Many Thanks