Blosxom runs but doesn't show blog entries


I’m trying to transfer a legacy Blosxom blog from another hosting service over to Dreamhost.

Here, it appears that the Blosxom Perl script runs without any errors and generates an HTML page with the appropriate template data (header, footer, etc.). However, the script does not show any blog entries in the generated page.

I have adjusted the configuration in many ways and downloaded the latest Blosxom script. Some cursory debugging indicated that the problem might be related to File::Find.

Any Blosxom users on Dreamhost that have encountered and solved this or a similar kind of issue?



Yes, and I haven’t found a way to resolve it yet :confused:

I was having this problem since I set up my blosxom blog at Dreamhost earlier this month.

Tonight, however, my posts started showing up!

While I’m elated (and confused), I did notice that my categories plug-in doesn’t seem to be working… I’m not getting a category tree of my posts where my page template indicates it ought to go. But at least I have some entries visible now.


Delete your cached categories file, which is located in your ‘state’ directory, or whatever you specified it to be.

something like…

[shell] rm $BLOSXOM/Plugins/state/.categories.cache

That can fix the problem…If not that remove any cached files, especially if you transferred blosxom from another machine.