Blogging on a fully hosted domain

i’m not sure if my subject line is going to help me any, but here’s the long story. i’m a real n00b, so i would appreciate any help i can get, but please make sure to use lamens terms with me as i have no idea what i’m doing.

okay, so, i have webspace with dreamhost. i’ve had it for a couple years and i used run a very basic website, but i let that domain expire. because i wanted to keep the same domain name and that wasn’t available, i purchased it as a .ca domain from netfirms. (so instead of, i now own and i’ve successfully transferred it over to be hosted at dreamhost (so when i go into ‘manage domains’ in my dreamhost webpanel, it says that is full hosted)

so now, i would like to be able to have a blog on my site. i dont want it to be found at, but rather at (because i dont want it to be the main focus of the site, but rather as a part of the site) so i went and created that subdomain ( in the netfirms web panel, hoping i could link up my blog there. since i couldnt figure out how to do it, i emailed netfirms to ask their help and their reply was this:
“Your CNAME record on Netfirms will not work until the nameservers are pointing to us. Since they are still pointing to dreamhost already, you will need to contact them to add CNAME record for your subdomin.”

so now I’m confused as to what to do.

  1. do i have to transfer the subdomain of, even though is already full transferred? because i’d rather not have to pay more if i dont need to. the reason why i made the subdomain in the first place was because while i work on the actual website, i’d like people to be able to visit the blog. so eventually, when the site is finished, visitors to will see my site, and should they wish to go to my blog, i can have a link up to and everything will remain untouched so i dont have to play around with coding or CNAMEs etc.

  2. is there a preferred blog ‘host’ (i’m not sure if that’s the correct term) to use with a dreamhost account? currently my blog is set up with blogspot but i havent really done anything aside from create the account. if this whole thing can be done easier with another ‘host’, then i’m all for it. i.e. is wordpress any better for this?

sooooooo… that’s my story. i hope that it made sense. i reread it and it makes sense to me, but if it doesnt to any person who reads this, please please please do let me know and i will reexplain as best as i can.

please please please help me
& thank you sooooooooooooooo much in advance to anyone who can shed the littlest of light on this situation.

xoxox mandice

You’re off to a good start. Without being able to look up the WHOIS info on your domain, I can only guess your current setup:

  1. Registered with netfirms
  2. DNS is set to use, etc.
  3. Fully Hosted here at DreamHost

Next steps:
4) Create a Fully Hosted site here (this is a logical and common subdomain name for a blog)
5) Do an Advanced One-Click install of WordPress into (stay away from the Easy One-Click, as you may regret it later)
6) Let the One-Click “Automatically create the database.”

I’m a big fan of using WordPress. You already own a domain, so owning your site is a big plus over Blogspot.


thank you so much! i think i’ve figured it out (based on your instructions) :smiley: thank youuuuu!!! :slight_smile: