Blogger's Choice Awards

Hi All,

You must be knowing about Blogger’s Choice Awards! I’ve nomited two blogs (one is mine, and the other one DreamHost). I would request you all to please visit the following URL’s and cast your vote.

Best Geek Blog: D’ Technology Weblog

Best Blogging Host: DreamHost



Technology, Blogging, Computer, Hardware, Software, WordPress, Gadgets, Fashion, Lifestyle.

What is a blog nomit?
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It’s like a blog VOMIT when they post the same message in every freaking forum.

Dee - Stop. Please. Stop. We get it. We’ll vote. Shut up.

(This is the third post I’ve seen and I’ve only looked in three forums - one was even in Beta, this is in programming - SERIOUSLY off topic)

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He posted in all of them. Clear TOS violation.

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