Blogger's Choice Award

With the features offered, Dreamhost is no doubt a blogger’s choice for hosting service.

How many of you have vote for that ?

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errgh… warning, this kind of message is not always allowed

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why ? is it regarded as promotional act/spam ? should I delete it ? … :frowning:

Just curious how many of you has used Dreamhost for blogging purpose…

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isn’t it already on the

maybe commenting there would be best.

ok, sorry for all the troubles folks. Late read for the blog :frowning:

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I think the ‘vote here now’ type of threads are only an issue when the poster stands to gain something from the vote, such as having their site move up in the DreamHost site of the month rankings. :wink:

I’ve set up WordPress blogs for my two teenage children, using the one-click install page. My primary motivation was to get them off that horrid MySpace thing.


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yeah… heard lots about the stories. Wise choice, never thought that make up a solution for your children.

Anyway, thanks for the reply man :slight_smile:

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DH is the perfect place and no wonder it was voted in so high. I would have voted, had I known about the contest. Also, high five for getting the kids off myspace…Blogging is just a safer and more flexible approach.

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