Blogger to Wordpress question

I have a blogger blog with a custom domain. I purchased hosting through dreamhost, and want to use wordpress. I installed wordpress on I would like to do a test blog on this location before I migrate all of my blogger blog by importing it into wordpress and changing my links, etc. Is it possible to do this? I know I would need to transfer the nameservers when I’m ready to make the redirection, but I want to keep my current blog up until I’m ready to make the switch.

I hope I’m making sense! Basically, I’d like to keep my blogger-hosted blog ( up and running, while working on setting up my wordpress blog on the dreamhost hosted site ( Thank you so much for any help!!

Try these:

If you’ve got blogger set up to FTP everything to your site, you should be okay to do what you want to do. If not, my advice to you would be to create a test subdomain (, and do your thing there. You can always move everything over if you need to later.