Blogger Integration



Hi everyone. First off I have been hosting with dreamhost now for a long time, however all sites I have been doing have either been straight HTML or wordpress.

Recently I have taken over a blogger site and am struggling with integrating it here.

Currently the blog itself is hosted on Blogger with a I have the domain registered with Network Solutions, and have set it up as a fully hosted domain in my dreamhost account. I have set the DNS records with network solutions to point to my dreamhost nameservers.

Now what I am trying to accomplish is moving the blog, currently a over to this hosted domain. Per Blogger, I need to set a CNAME to accomplish this. However, all documentation I have read here states that the only way I can do this is by adding a subdomain, there I can create a custom CNAME, but I cannot on the domain itself. Is that correct?

This is becoming a bit of a headache for me as I do not want a blog added into a site, but I want the blog to be the site. I want the homepage of the site to be the blogger home with out having to go over to

Does this make sense, is there a way to accomplish this?