Blog w/room to grow: Blogger or WP, witch options?

I’m considering dabbling some with blogging, and while I’m not nearly egotistical enough to expect it will get much traffic, it’s going on a site that does already see a fair number of hits, so I do like to be prepared.

Particularly, I really don’t want to be a bad citizen or run afoul of the CPU limits on a shared server if it gets moderately popular.

So I’m basically weighing my most obvious options, trying to figure out which is the safest, and leaves the most headroom for growth without going to a VPS or something else. Low maintenance is a huge plus, because I’m lazy. I also REALLY want to have 100% template control, so it matches my site well. Options, so far as I see it, are:

Blogger FTP - Fastest, obviously, and easy to template, but when I’ve run this with even medium-sized blogs, the upload process seems to get very unwieldy and slow.

Blogger Hosted (with my domain) - Appealing from the configurability and maintenance standpoint, but you can’t turn off the damned blue banner without breaking the TOS, and I’m always a little wary of externally hosted stuff (particularly with Google).

WordPress One-click - Full control, easy upgrades, but templating needs re-doing after every upgrade, and it’s very sensitive to traffic spikes.

WordPress + WP Super Cache - Appears to do what I want in terms of static pages, while remaining under my control, but does it actually work that well? I’ve read that the builds can hit the server hard, too.

WordPress + Some Other Plugin?

I’m really not in to trackbacks or much of that other community-type stuff, so I could do without most of the fancy live features if it was robust and lightweight enough.

Which of these options do y’all use/recommend, and is there something else I’m overlooking?

I’d go with WordPress with one of the caching modules. I use SuperCache. If you’re concerned about the rebuild load, then increase the expiration time of the cache. Shared servers, for the most part, can handle a pretty good load:


Definitely the advanced-mode one-click Wordpress with any of the cacheing plugins

As far as having to mess with the template every version? Not really - well, it hasn’t been my experience over the last year + 1/2. There may be upgrades in the past or future that required modification, but for my uses its been an incredibly low-maintenance solution.

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