Blog: trouble installing new theme


Hi all,

sorry if already posted.
I’m trying to install a new wordpress theme from my wordpress admin page.
The blog is something like
When I try to install a new theme I get a connection page with the following fields:
Username: what have I to use here? the admin user or my website user?
password: same as above
connection type: ftp or ftps ssl?

Anyhow I’ve tried both admin and related password but no luck so far.
Any hint?

Pietro Desopo
Art Direction / Design / Animation


It sounds like you’re using the Easy Install, which doesn’t allow for additional themes or plugins.

The advanced install, where you’re allowed to add themes and plugins doesn’t even ask for user info. It just grabs the addition and installs it.



Thanks for your reply Scott.
You’re right, I’ve used the easy install, just got scared by the advanced setup… don’t want to have to fiddle with account, user, permission or things like that.
I think I’ll keep the basic theme

Pietro Desopo
Art Direction / Design / Animation


There’s really no substantial difference if you go with the Advanced setup. It only requires that you first have a Fully Hosted domain set up. Once that’s done, maintenance is just as easy (easier, actually), since WordPress has its own one-click type of system for upgrades and installations.