Blog Set Up Help!

So I recently registered on dreamhost. I was hoping I could incorporate a blog onto my homepage using my own layout. I allready have the bones of my layout ready to go. I set up a Wordpress blog and it is currently at So I suppose I have to questions:

#1 How do I incorporate JUST the blog POSTS onto my home page?
#2 If I can’t incorporate them on my homepage, how do I put my own home made layout on my wordpress blog on

I figure if I can atleast make the match the rest of my site I can re-direct people from the home page to the blog page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am fairly new at all of this!

Here are a couple of tutorials for integrating WP content into your site:

Hopefully you installed WordPress in Advanced Mode, which will give you more control over your WordPress site in regards to themes and plugins.

I will try these. Thank you![hr]

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This tutorial is exactly what I want to do. Only problem is that my blog is located at and not I tried to go to the wordpress control pannel to change the location but the web address is grayed out and I can’t change it… any suggestions?