Blog redirects - please help!

My blog ( suddenly redirects to a website I have never heard of. Just click on the link and you will be redirected to Sundown Sisters… I have no idea what is happening.

I have already overwritten the index.php and all the other files in the rrot folder with back up files but it didn’t help. Any advise?

Thank you so much. I’m absolutely panicking.

Your site has been hacked. Same advice I just posted in another thread:

Check your .htaccess file and restore it from a backup if you can.

You most likely have a 3rd party plugin or theme that is not secure.

there are 2 things to do here, fix the damage, but once that is done don’t stop, you also need to find and plug the hole or it will just be repeated.

Open a support ticket as well. Application specific issues are generally beyond the scope of support, however the may be able to provide you with excellent advice to follow.

This redirection is now happening to my other websites as well! Even one website which has a different ftp access and password, but is Dreamhost hosted.

I even renamed the path via ftp to - this should normally come with an error message that the website is offline - but even then I still get redirected.

So it’s possibly not a faulty plugin or corrupted .htaccess file but something more serious within Dreamhost.

I’m getting the DreamHost Parked page on right now.

Thank you, but I’m wondering if I’m the only one with this problem? Is there anything I need to do (like permissions to change?) to avoid this problem in future as it happened to most of my websites? Quite inconvenient to have to reload all the back up data and lose the work for the last few days.

@widow, I posted about the same issue about the same time you did and received a response (a very fast response, btw) from Dreamhost support stating:


Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your account:/

It looks like there was an apache configuration issue. I manually ran an
update on the apache service and your site is loading the correct content

You also may want to flush your DNS (
and clear your browser cache ( if
you’re still unable to view your site functioning properly.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you."


Unfortunately, despite clearing DNS, cache’s, etc, I am still being redirected when I try to visit my blog “” from my PC’s.

and the site you are being redirected to (tentswithlogos) is hosted elsewhere and has nameservers other than dreamhost indicating to me that support made a false call. if the issue was an apache configuration issue one would expect to get another site at dreamhost that happaned to be on the same server.

Check your .htaccess file… is working for me. The ‘www’ sends me to plain ol’

It appears my statement that I was still being redirected was partially correct. Google Chrome gets me into my site, Internet Exlorer does not. I updated my plug ins. In your opinion, is it still necessary to check the .htaccess file? Also, what is a good way of securing the patency of this file in the future?

I’m having the same problem with my site.
uploading a new .htaccess doesn’t seem to help.
all of my files are fine, but for some reason something is causing all of my sites to redirect to google.

Can’t help ya wynne, unless you post a URL. We’re customers and don’t have access to your account information.

@patsafe, which version of IE are you running? It’s always possible that .htaccess does something if it detects Internet Explorer. Read through it and look for anything that checks the browser. And see if there’s anything in there with a URL that’s not yours.

I am having the same problem across multiple sites as of this afternoon. My websites hosted here

now suddenly redirect to “”. I have flushed the cache as instructed above and get the same problem with different machines and browsers. I just activated a new site for hosting ( - it’s a long story) and that one does NOT redirect. I don’t see any redirect commands in any .htaccess files. Help?[hr]
Here is an article that may be of help. I wish I’d known the “one-click install” required this security change!

i’ve uploaded new files, new .htaccess and all of my sites are still redirecting to google.

i’ve already contacted dreamhost support, but everything is still the same.

ETA: i’ve uploaded a blank .htaccess in my root directory and all the sites are still redirecting to google.

thanks for any help that you can give me!

Possibly Dreamhost experiences a similar hack as described here?
It sounds very similar to what happens here.

I’m now going to re-load my back-up files via ftp and hope for the best…[hr]
When connecting to ftp (via FileZilla) I have been getting since yesterday afternoon several times following message:
“530 Sorry, the maximum number of connections (10) for your host are already connected.” which meant that I had to “kill” the connections using my user account (via Dreamhost panel) several times.

This usually happens only once in a while if I constantly forget to disconnect after having used FileZilla, but it has never happened several times in one day - or even if I stay connected after having “killed” all previous connections.

Please, Dreamhost staff - find the bug quick :slight_smile:

i have uploaded all new files, i have uploaded a blank .htaccess, i’ve uploaded a reset .htaccess… NOTHING. all of my sites listed above are still redirecting to google. good for google, i guess. :slight_smile:

Wynne, all your sites are working for me. Try clearing your cache:

Or maybe you changed your local hosts file?

Or you can use my favorite DNS: ( and in case your local DNS server is messed up.

Mythago, your sites are working for me as well, though is blank, other than some iWeb code.

don’t know what you did sdayman, but everything is working fine now.
Thanks so much!

Hi sdayman, you’ve sorted for me. Thank you an awful lot for this! Saved me loads of additional grey hairs. However, is still being re-directed.

No redirect when I clicked on it, so must still be in your cache

You were right… thank you! Cleared the cache and everything is fine now.