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New to blogs, Wordpress etc… I’m trying to make my site as static as possible. All galleries are created offline and uploaded by me (yet is still a very automatic process–I can always notice how slow the database galleries are). I also want to add a blog which I think will be very busy and updated a lot (daily). However, I hear that WP or other blog system always update and rebuild every web visit? Is there a way to have the blog be static? Make my updates online, hit ‘build’ (or whatever command), and it just rebuilds once and that’s it. I assume that it has to go to the database to retrieve the blog on every page visit? Is there a way to have a blog system save as static files? ie no database at all? I guess I could always use a dreamweaver template and upload my changes! Anyway, my next step is a forum, but I guess that HAS to be database driven. (Though I hear there are some Ruby forums that are ultra-light)
Also, I do hope to have lots of hits…I wonder how much action a 100% static site (no php, no mysql) can handle here? Obviously, apache would be the biggest cpu process I would think! Thanks for any help…

hey everyone… didn’t get any replies to my question. Hope it wasn’t unclear or too newbie…anyway, just thought I’d ask one last time. Again, I’d like to have the least overhead/complications with a blog (is it possible not to have a DB at all for example?). Ok, thanks again…

Hello Tron1999,
Yea, there is a lot of questions :slight_smile: Is there a way you can structure your question by programming language and type.

Obviously from what I understood you need to have static blog, I understand why you will want to do this, but in my knowledge there is no way to make WP static. Still I can be in wrong.

Also, why do we want database for a blog? to retrieve the data right? so it can be a text file instead of a database, but still this will increase your read/write process on the disk instead of the database. So the result will be the same, you are just forwarding the problem to the disk.

Also for general informations, I believe this could be interesting to have a look at:

Hope this help,

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It doesn’t directly address a fully static blog, but remember that with aggressive caching on, it’ll only generate pages once.

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