Blog on main domain but need a website also

Hi, when I installed Wordpress on my domain I made it where when someone typed my domain in it would take them to the blog directly. Now I find that in order to complete a CSS course I’m taking I need a page that doesn’t reflect the coding of my blog. I don’t know where I need to put the files for this class so they show up as a separate website.

I know I can use a subdomain but this class is just a temporary thing and the blog is permanent so I don’t really want to move the blog to a subdomain. Does anyone here know what I need to do to accomplish what I am seeking?

Thanks for any and all help.

Why not put the CMS on the subdomain? If the CMS has to be your main site, then your blog will have to become a subdirectory of the CMS or a subdomain.

Why do the files for your class have to be on your main domain? Can’t you just make a fully hosted subdomain (i.e. Subdomains are completely separate you know. That’s what I would do. I’ve taken such courses before and there shouldn’t be any problems. Not everyone has paid web hosting so I’m sure using a subdomain of some sort would be fine for such things considering anyone in the class using free hosts would be using one.

I will try putting the class on a subdomain. I’m not too knowledgeable about the back end workings of things but I do have my own paid domain. I’ve never really dealt with subdomains before so I didn’t really know what all was involved with using them. I appreciate both of you answering my question and if it’s ok I may ask for your help again with this. Hopefully putting it on a subdomain will accomplish what I am needing.

I’m sure it will. There really is no difference as far as functionality goes from using vs fully hosted. Its just an address to where your files are located.

Thank you both! That worked and I appreciate your help.