Blog Migration


I’m thinking to migrate my blog by having my own domain(using dreamhost :slight_smile: )

It is so funny to know my old blog hosting is maintained, developed and tested by only 1 person (OMG!)

I’m thinking using Wordpress ATM.
However, I have well over 100 postings on my old blog, it would be too troublesome to copy and paste to the new blog.

Are here any smart way to migrate my old posts to new blog? As you may guess,I don’t have access to the database of my current blog server.


Good choice. DreamHost provides a ‘one-click install’ of Wordpress v2.0.2 directly from the web panel.

Since you do not have access to the blog database, I don’t see any easy way to migrate the posts. Even if you did have access to the database, migrating the posts could still be difficult if you were using different software on your previous host.

If I were you, I’d start the new blog with fresh outlook and new posts :slight_smile:


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Nice to hear that DH is using latest stable version of WP. :slight_smile:


There may be a conversion utility to transfer in your old posts to the new software - it all depends on what you were using before. If it was a custom job it may be a one at a time kinda thing. If it’s not that important to you than so be it…

–Matttail - personal website


when you say that you dont ahve access to your current wp database, what do you mean by that? is it a multiuser wordpress hosting solution?
are you not allowed to use phpmyadmin on your ftp?

i am sure that there is a way to backup your posts somehow,
be it by using a offline newsfeed reader or something,
there must be a way. but before we dig into this you should explain a bit more why and how you dont have access to your db.



yes, it is a multi user wordpress hosting solution


ok :slight_smile:

i dont have bloglines installed here (am at work atm)
but i think you can save articles with bloglines.

might wanna give it a whirl?
install bloglines, subscribe to your own feed from you WP MU blog
and try to save them. i dont know how they are saved,
but maybe you can export those savings and import them
into your new WP on DH…