Blog and dir structure



I’m considering how to set up my domain structure. I’ll run multiple blogs and photo galleries. I suppose it doesn’t really matter how the URL or dirs are mapped, but is there a reason why one standard might be better than another?

For example; the URL could be ‘’ or it could be ‘’.

Does one work out better than another for some reason? Is one more ‘in style’ for some reason? I kind of like the idea of mapping subdomains, but not for any particular reason. What is everyone doing?


I’m big on organization (my SO calls it OCD…) as well as meaningful URLs, so I have some ideas about this.

I’d say it all depends on the purpose and content of your site. If you’ve got a good amount of any one type of content – be it blogs or whatever – while also having other stuff, you might benefit from separating it out onto a subdomain. For example, if a site is entirely (or mostly) blogs/galleries, I might go with something like:

If I’ve got other content as well as blogs and such, I might go with a subdomain and keep my non-blog content on the main site. (main, non-blog stuff)

There aren’t really any recommended “best practices” here – it’s all just personal preference. Basically, just look at your content (both current and planned) and figure out what makes the most sense.

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