Blocking Spam using Gmail

I wrote up a quick HowTo for Dreamhost users…

actually the url is:

Funny that you posted that today. I had a friend send me a Gmail invite yesterday for that very purpose.

I set it up this afternoon, forwarding all of my dreamhost email accounts to gmail.

And instantly, my spam stopped.

When I checked my gmail spam folder, I found the email that used to make it to my inbox.

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That is nicely done, and I’m sure a lot of users could benefit from reading it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks! I’m going to post a second part that covers using Gmail spam blocking if you use the built-in webmail instead of a client. I have to wonder if anybody really does, though.

There are some who do… I have one client in particular who, for some unknown (masochistic?) reason uses only webmail - he “hates” squirrelmail, but refuses to embrace IMAP/POP3 clients. Go figure.