Blocking Spam from "US NMA"?

Can I use the SpamAssassin tool on the DH webmail Options menu to filter email from a display name that contains an imbedded blank?

Every week or so I get unsolicited emsgs from same display name, “US NMA”, but with different email addresses at different domains, e.g.

The message body always contains much the same text (including the strings “The United States National Medical Association” and “”).

Can someone tell me how to eliminate this petty irritation?

Stan Yack

Not sure. I’m using Thunderbird’s baisian (sp?) filter and no matter how many times I mark that message as spam, I still get around 40+ a day from the US NMA. It refuses to recognize it as spam. I was considering trying SpamAssassin but your post makes me wonder if it will recognize it either…

Try going to and add Keyword Filtering. You can select Subject and put in The United States National Medical Association

Every spam I get from there has the same subject line. I’ve yet to try the keyword filter yet, though. I use SpamSweep to clear them from the server before I check my mail.