Blocking IP

Is there anyway I can put an access list to block a certain IP before it hits my Web server ? Some idiot is running a DoS on my server and right now my only option is to put his IP in the .htaccess deny list.
However, with 100-200 hits a seconds, it took up CPU from other users and disk space(logs) and I don’t want to get moved because I used too much CPU.


yep, use a text editor to create a plain text file. In the htaccess file put:

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from
Allow from all

Just replace the example ip address with the one you wish to deny. Windows does not allow an extention without a files name so save the file as .htaccess.txt, upload the file then rename it by removing the .txt and you should be done.

E-mail support, let them know what is going on. You might also want to consider contacting his ISP.
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I’m already doing the .htaccess. But I’d prefer to block on the firewall side, ie. ipfilter so I do not waste any ressource to process the logs, or overload the apache server in processing those request.

Make a note of the IP address and email support, I am sure they’ll resolve the issue pretty quickly.


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