Blocking IP

I have a site up where I’m letting people anyomously post articals. If someone posts bad stuff I would like to be able to block them.

Does Dreamhost have something like this pre-made?

I was thinking of logging their IP when they submit and artical and running a test before an artical is submitted to compare againist bad ones before it gets posted.

I assume this is pretty weak with all the proxy servers and tor out there. Any other ideas?

Simplest way to block an IP:
.htaccess file contains the following like

Obviously change the IP to the one you want to block.

That’ll completely deny them access to your whole site or at least the directy (and below) in which the .htaccess resides in.

If you’re putting that into account; there’s no way to block anybody. Hands down.


What do you mean “letting people post articles”?? You have ftp open for a group of your friends? You’ve posted the login info? You aren’t using a CMS or even blogging software like WordPress?

More details, but gut reaction is that you shouldn’t be doing this. Sounds like you’re begging for problems.

Thanks for the help guys. I guess I’ll settle on the htaccess.

If your interested in see the site carterco goto

Its just getting built but I’m sure I can’t handle whatever comes.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Ahhh. I see now. cool. You wrote this yourself? If there’s a open-source tool that will do this AND has your blocking, that might be best (reinventing wheel and all)

but I see what you’re trying now.

Does seem likely to get exploited if this becomes popular. most wiki’s and other open/trust systems fall prey to the lower elements.

Very cool idea. Not sure what you used for the programming language. But the server provides the ip addresses for you. for example in PHP the info is in a superglobal string. It shouldn’t be much more work on your end to create an array of ip addresses and if they match the string, kill the script.
If I were you I would go a step further and provide a capcha (I think thats spelled right) This is a graphic image the user must type in to go any further. This will stop or help stop robot programs from entering data on your site.