Blocking email

I have a email forward set up and would like to block an email address from emailing it. I looked at keyword and junk filter, but that doesn’t look like it will work since it’s a forward. Is there any other way I can do it? I started to look at procmail, but wasn’t sure if I should start messing with that. Any ideals?

E-mail to forwarders barely touch the mail servers. They immediately get redirected to the new address without any processing. Why not block that email address at the final destination?


They use gmail and I do have it filtered on the client, but there is no way to skip trash in gmail. So it sits in trash until trash is emptied. It is prefered not to even see it.

Long story. But it looks like that might be the only solution. Thanks for the response.

you can do it via procmail if you make the address in question have a shell/ftp account. see the wiki. you probably want a .procmailrc for that user with a test like:


  • ^From:.*|
    ^Subject:.*Cheap Viagra


This means if the from address is dubya or badguy or the subject has the word Viagra in it, throw it in the bit bucket, otherwise forward to your gmail address.