Block Lists and Dreamhost

I do not know about anyone else, but it seems that there is a serious problem with DreamHost and other sites on the internet.

I do not care whose “fault” it is. The fact of the matter is that it exists. The fact of the matter is that email either from or to domains hosted by DreamHost is blocked. The fact of the matter is that DreamHost is on several “black lists” of known spammers.

Even email that is going to innocent mail systems such as google’s gmail, when accessed by a mailer that checks “spam” lists is marking the email as being “junk” or “spam”.

It is important that our organization use email. We rely upon it to communicate to our members, our customers, our prospects, and most everyone else in the world. Gone are the days of telephone calls and FAXes. Most people say “send me email” meaining, write a note so that I can get to it later.

Now, I find that I can not work with DreamHost and the mail problems. These problems have been going on for years. DreamHosts’ solution is to simply say “well, we won’t forward to AOL.COM or COMCAST.NET or YAHOO.COM or ATT.NET or any other site that is hosted by YAHOO.COM.” We just have given up. We have tried to contact these people. There has been no response.

Frankly, it does not matter to me. All that I know is that my email is being refused and no one can tell me how to fix it. We don’t send SPAM. We just don’t. But, we are on a shared system and in the past SPAM was sent.

The steps that DreamHost has taken to limit the possibility of spammers is good. But, still, they remain blocked because no one seems to listen to DreamHost.

DreamHost, in my humble opinion, needs to do two things.

  1. MOVE THEIR MAILERS TO A DIFFERENT IP ADDRESS. The Spam blocks are by the 32 bit reverse IP address. If the mailer comes in as a different location then it should get by the blocking list.

If the mail is blocked by domain name, then get a new domain name for the email, one that is not blocked. Assign that to the new IP addresses of the mailers. Call the domain “” or something, but change the name; if that is required.

  1. Get tough on the spamers. I am sorry, but they need to deal with the one account that is going to cost them many accounts because they are going to be known as the “elysium” of the internet and no one will want to do business with them.

Now, let me state that first, I love DreamHost. I like their web service hosting. I do not want to change it. I like their domain registration. I do not want to change it. I like their FTP access. I do not want to change it.

But, I must change our EMAIL hosting. I simply must. I can not live with the current situation. It does not matter to me if DreamHost offers “unlimited” email accounts if none of them work!