Block FROM per mailbox?


I have a client using Dreamhost for web and mail who has about 20 mailboxes.

One of the mailbox users is wanting to send bounce messages to specified addresses that try to email him.

Is there any way to do this? I’ve looked in the panel and there’s no apparent easy way…




Can’t you do this from the panel under Mail - Keyword Filter ??? Just set the FROM as what you’re trying to match…


I saw that fellas but there’s 2 drawbacks, one ardco mentions, no bounce option, and two, I believe enabling the filter would do so for every mailbox on that domain, something we don’t want to do.

If noone knows of a true bounce solution we can always duplicate the #1 suggestion above in Outlook with a rule that replies with a set template (fake bounce message)



I just saw that keyword filters can be applied to individual mailboxes. Can’t you add keyword filters that forward to an actual DreamHost account? Like create a DreamHost user (i.e. domainbounce) and give it ownership of your subdomain and then create a .procmail filter that’ll bounce it back to the original sender?