Block all incoming email except for one address?

Is there a way to block ALL incoming email for a certain email address unless it comes from a specific email address?

I tried using the SpamAssassin config and used @, but that didn’t do it.

No one knows?

If you want this kind of functionality, may I respectfully suggest that email is not what you are looking for. Consider SMS (text messages) or instant messages instead.

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Sure - if you can respectfully explain to me how to send/receive Outlook calendar appointments using SMS…

Outlook integration using anything other than Outlook is pretty difficult. If you’re going to be using that, then maybe the answer is to implement some rules in Outlook.

Did you try only @ for blacklist and for whitelist, and make the priority of whitelist higher than priority of blacklist. I haven’t used, but should work.

I may be resigned to doing that. If there was a way to prevent it from getting that far, I’d prefer that. However, the lack of replies leads me to believe that it’s not really possible.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I didn’t try just “@”. Good idea - let me try that. I did have the priorities set with the whitelisted emails as higher.

Thanks - I will follow up.

Didn’t work, unfortunately.

I just decided to use,, @*.org, and a few other common ones, and then will create a rule in Outlook to get rid of the others.


If you really want to use email for this, there are three possible solutions (which can also be combined):

  1. Create a new email address and make sure the sender uses a script that hides the email address from everything else. I have done this for web forms, and I have never received any extra emails.

  2. Have your send append something like “[OK]” to the subject, and then use Outlook’s filters to delete all other emails.

  3. Use encryption (you will need to give a public key to your sender) and discard all the other emails (again using Outlook’s filters).

All of these ideas require you to “educate” your preferred sender in some way. If this is not possible, I’m afraid you will have to resort to using something other than Outlook (some sort of peer to peer technology, for example).

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