Blingy again!


Critical Announcement! Please Read!
We are currently experiencing issues with the main file server for the blingy cluster. Our file server admins are on their way to the data center to look into the issue, and we are doing our best to get this fixed up and working again as soon as possible. This issue will cause websites and email slowness or unavailability until it is resolved.

How about not adding any new customers to this pile of crap until it’s actually fixed? Clowns.


Yeah … it’s not a good day to be on Blingy :frowning:



My wife’s sites are up and running right now so they seem to have gotten it under control for the moment (perhaps).

I think it’s an interesting hosting problem. Dreamhost has gone with a very expensive file server underlying their new cluster and despite it being allegedly the most high performance, high availability and high reliability hardware on the planet (well, it’s supposed to be in the top tier), it hasn’t met their expectations.

I’m not sure if they’re going to declare it a failure and build out a new cluster while they try to work out the problems with the existing one. I’m sure they’re not too excited at the prospect as it will probably cost them millions to do so as this is moving up a purchase they probably were expecting to make in 2009 rather than 2008, along with all the incremental costs associated with data center space, configuration, network hardware and all the ancillary activities associated with building a new cluster.

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Spunky’s been on Santa’s naughty list again lately, but I’ve hardly noticed it. The worst I’d encountered was an occasional error in the panel when managing mail. I must be wearing my lucky charm.



How do you determine which cluster you’re on? I can find my web server name but not which cleverly named cluster it belongs to.
Thanks. (My web sites have been down for more than an hour. Nothing on Status page, no response to support ticket.)


Clusters are named after your Email server. In the Panel, click the Account Status link in the upper right to get your server names.



Thanks, Scott. I figured with all the creativity oozing from DH, eg. the monthly newsletter, the clusters would have names of their own. :slight_smile: