Blank Page

Hi,please someone I need help. I am clueless.

My website displays a blank page. After reading several post and DH wiki, I have to create a index.html page but what do I put in it? The sub-directories have the following in their index.html

I have been trying to fix this for 3 days…I don’t want to give up I want to learn.

Thanks for helping

The index.html is the main page of the site. When the browser goes to your URL, it looks for index.html. If it doesn’t exist, it will give an error (403 forbidden), or show the directory contents. Sounds like you have an empty index.html file.

Try adding in the following between the body tags and see if something shows on your site, just for testing.

Hello World!

Hi, Thanks for replying I appreciate it.

I did what you said and my page displays the following: Just add this line, don’t add the body tags.

I installed zencart and was trying to load a new template. I can see the new template directory via webftp.

It should have just said “Hello World”, but I guess you pasted the wrong thing. That doesn’t mtter though. Either way, you have an empty index file. What is the site url, and do you have a web page already made that you want to upload?

Yes, I did paste the wrong thing…sorry. Site
I uploaded zencart and I can see the following

I have 3 directories:

The lite_red is what I want to use. It has index files but the domain has no index.


Tks for your help…I decide to restore from a few days ago because it was working until I tried this new template.