Blank page after new Joomla 1.5 install

I uploaded all the files and went through the whole installation setup. After it tells me to delete the installation folder and I do, when I click view site, I just get an empty page. Anyone else encounter this error?

This is a pretty commonly reported problem, and you might find some insight into the situation in this Joomla! Forum post:

I can confirm that many times uploading the huge number of files in a Joomla install can be problematic - if your ftp client burps at all, you are likely to have some incomplete files or some files not properly uploaded.

I avoid this problem by unpacking the Joomla! tarball directly on the server (plus it’s much quicker).

Additionally, you can use DreamHost’s “one-click” installer for Joomla! 1.5 - which is just about as painless as it gets. :wink:


thanks for the quick response parker. I’m going to try the tarball method right now and see if that works. So you got it to work without having to make any changes to your serving settings?

Yes, it ran just fine right out of the box, running PHP5, or course). :wink:


I was having a very similar problem. After installing joomla with a quickstart template, i could login in to the backend, but my frontend showed only a blank page.
I saw a tip in a forum: to go to Global Configuration in the joomla administration and set “error reporting” to maximum.
When I reloaded the domain, I got an “Parse error” message - something in one specific php-file belonging to the template I wanted to quick-start was not ok.
It turned out that I was using php 4.6 and not php 5.2 - that’s why the phpfile couldn’t be read properly. (It was a “public” function which didn’t get accepted.)
I changed the version of php by logging in to my provider’s login site, and now it works like a charm.

Just wanted to share, in case this might be helpful to someone. Merry Christmas!