Blank Index as

I am a newcomer. I use Serif Webplus to manage and upload my website. I have connected my domain name to Dream Host, and have received the ‘coming soon’ and remove “quickstart.html” message. I logged on to webftp and removed the default files (the icons, and quickstart.html) as well as uploaded my files to the server via Serif Webplus.

Now that I have done so, I believe I have missed a step. When I type my page url into the browser, I receive a blank Index of/ page that looks similar to the page, except the ft:// shows the files uploaded by serif, including my index.html file.

I have studied a couple of other threads of other new users having issues uploading their website, but most are using other ftps, and have not found any similar issues discussed.

Can anyone tell me where I may have gone wrong, or missed a step? Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to ask any questions on information I may have left out. Thank you.


try using webftp to grab a copy of the index.html file that is in your directory and open in something and see what is in it. If that doesn’t answer your question, you may need to give us the domainname so we can see what we can from this side.

most answering here in the forum are customers like yourself and we have no access, if you want a specific answer you may be able to get it by opening a ticket with support via the panel. They can’t really help with code, but they can spot new user errors and give some hints probably.

I opened the index.html file, and it is the html for my index page.

The url is

are you using the correct user for the domain? Go to “manage domains” in the panel and verify what user is set up for the domain.

Then make sure you are logging in with that user and changing into a directory named when you get there.

Is this where you are finding the index.html file you are speaking of?

ok. I have confirmed I am using the correct user… looking at the directory via ftp looks like : just to give you an idea on how serif spit my files in. However, I am on the webftp screen logged in, and have clicked the directory called, and it is empty with the exception of the default favicon files. Should I move the index.html file as well as the rest of my website’s contents to the directory?

Gee, thanks for your help. I feel as though I have learned a lot throughout this long journey, and this is the cherry on top.

I’ve never actually set a domain up with www so i was unaware that the directory would default to that name. i alway thought www was DNS entry.

You can test this theory easily create a simple html file

hi there!!

throw that into an index.html and ftp it to the directory and go refresh your page…

Everything has to go into the directory,
that includes page3-4-5-6-7.html (currently not found)

you are correct. The directory is named without www.

as far as our theory goes, yes.
manually pasting the index into the directory and moving all of its corresponding files along with it was the solution to my problem.

Thanks for your help.