Blacklist email

I have a eCommerce site that relies on automated email notification to my customers when their purchase has been process and their digitial download is ready.

I am loosing customers because the email sever at dreamhost is being blocked due to spam. I am am not on a dedicated sever and I know it is not my emails causing this block.

I have sent in a support ticket with not response plus I try to request the block be removed through the postmaster of each ISP block. AOL and MSN are not cooperating mostly because I don’t have access to the information that they are requesting from the hosting server.

Is there ANYTHING I can filter the email through so it can be white listed with a clean IP address? I am going to try a VPS account but can’t Dreamhost take control over real spamers using their hosting? I have been with Dreamhost for over ten years and this is the first time I am having this problem to this degree.

if e-mail is a critical part of your business i would use something other than dh. perhaps register your domain to use google’s e-mail. that’s what i have set up for most of my domain names. new accounts only get 10 e-mail accounts for free though. once you have signed up you can just edit the domain on your dh control panel and select the gmail option for it to be configured for you.

Have you seen this?

Also I don’t really think VPS will solve your problem.

One solution might be if your e-commence solution allows you to configure mail to go out via SMTP is to buy a separate mail account somewhere like that specializes in email solutions, or even use gmail with your domain name. If your e-commerce only allows php mail configuration tho that might not be an option.

Dreamhost pretty much, without directly saying it, admits their email solution is not the greatest in the industry.

I don’t see that but I did get several bounce backs today from AOL. delivery temporarily suspended: host[] refused to talk to me: 554- (RTR:BL) 554 Connecting IP:

Using Gmail or another email service will not work since it is the automated emails that are sent through the Dreamhost server. I use IPN (instant payment notification) with server-to-server communication.
Why wouldn’t a VPS work? It would use a dedicated IP address and I wouldn’t be effected by others who are not using proper email etiquette as on a shared list. If I get blacklisted it would from something I do not the masses.

I have the exact same problem. Had it for a long time. It is getting worse.

So far, I can’t send anything to:


Getting to be a problem , need to find a resolution or alternative.