BIZ domain hosting

To my surprise, DreamHost won’t allow you to register (or transfer in) a .biz domain name. I have a BIZ domain I’d like to transfer to dreamhost anyway.

I just went into “Manage Domains” and added the domain for hosting successfully. I’m thinking I should be able to point the domain records to point to dreamhost, and have the domain successfully hosted here, even though it’s not registered here. Is that the case? Has anyone else successfully hosted a BIZ domain here without registering it here?

The domain is coming from Yahoo - do I need to transfer the domain registration from yahoo to get this to work, or can I redirect yahoo to point to dreamhost name servers and get the desired effect?

Thanks for any input/experiences.


I’m not sure what you mean by “coming from”, so I don’t know if you could “redirect” from Yahoo or not, but you can certainly point your nameservers to DreamHost’s at your registrar.

If Yahoo is your registrar, then you just need to indicate on your yahoo account that the nameservers for your .biz domain that you want to host at DreamHost are:


You should be able to host any domain here, regardless of where it is registered, but DreamHost can only act as a registrar for .com, .org, .net and .info domains. Some country-specific domains can give a bit of trouble.

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Thanks rlparker.

Yep, it’s registered at yahoo is what I meant by “coming from.”

I submitted a ticket with this question just to get official input as well. I think your answer came in 2 minutes before the official answer came through (and better yet, they matched).

I’ve used this forum and technical support very rarely on dreamhost (haven’t had to!) and can only say I love hosting here. The fact that the systems are pro-actively upgraded and maintained gives me a real sense of satisfaction in knowing the dreamhost team is always working hard to keep things running smoothly.

I don’t get much of a chance to compliment businesses these days - seems like frustration is around every corner, but thanks to all at Dreamhost for their hard work, and keep it up.

Merry Christmas to all…

You are welcome!

Ha ha, well, there is something to be said for being “quick”, to be sure, but it is far better to be “right”… and it’s comforting to get the “same” answers, eh? :wink:

I too have very much enjoyed my relationship with DreamHost, and its user community, and I’ve been hosting sites here since 1998. :slight_smile:

In all that time, every contact or interaction I have had with DreamHost staff has been of the most polite and professional nature and they have met my needs admirably.