I was puzzled as to what the issue is with BitTorrent, and astonished to read that it will use up all available bandwidth …

Then the word “client” sank in. Am I now reading this right, that the objection is to BitTorrent download software, not to setting up feeds?

If that’s the case, I think the TOS are remarkably mild on the subject. Downloading software is something I pay my ISP for, and if I were rude enough to do it through my hosting account, I think the host would be well justified in requiring me to desist, regardless of TOS.

BitTorrent clients run on person computers. BitTirrent trackers, run as consistant processes and keep track of seeders and other related information. The Trackers are what’s not allowed on DH.


Then I’m back to my original puzzled state. However, this is really just curiosity - I think I should have postponed the question until (and if) I sign up.

There are actually a few BitTorrent clients that are designed to run under a web hosting account and those are what caused us to address the situation and add wording about it to our ToS.

We also don’t allow BitTorrent trackers as the busy ones can be very resource intensive.

We decided it was in the best interests of the majority of our customers to just say no to anything BitTorrent-related.

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just wondering… I use Azureus and it has a built in tracker so it only relies on my computer resources. But is it still allow if a forum that has a torrent monitor, like just displaying what torrents im hosting on my machine and how many people are uploading from me and seeding?