Please consider accepting bitcoin as payment for hosting services. I won’t go into detail about the hows (the information for merchants is readily available) but I will say why:

First, those of us who own bitcoin have another legitimate place to spend it, and we will.

Second, you get visibility as an early adopter merchant as people see your company when they go looking at the list of merchants that accept bitcoin.

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Just following up on this, hoping to get a response/acknowledgement. I asked last year on Twitter about Dreamhost accepting Bitcoin as payment, and was told to post here.

Here we are a year later and Bitcoin has gained ground, being accepted as payment by major retailers such as NewEgg, TigerDirect, Overstock, Dell, Expedia, and so on. So where is Dreamhost? Are you interested in getting your share of the Bitcoin owners looking to spend them? Setting up payment processing via BitPay or Coinbase is trivial, and the fees are a lot less than PayPal. Why not give your customers the option? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I’ve been a customer for 7 years, but I’m on my way out the door because I’m moving my consultancy to an all-Bitcoin model. Hopefully someone tell me if anything is in the works I should wait around for.

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Currently, my site’s customers pay me in bitcoin, which I have to convert to dollars, then pay by credit card, and reimburse from my bank account with the dollars converted from bitcoin. This works fine, except that the currency exchange takes a percentage at the time of conversion.

It would save me some hassle (and a bit of money) if you would allow me to pay my site’s monthly bill by bitcoin.

Is there any chance that you could make this happen?

I’m not sure it’d end up saving you any money, actually. We can’t keep assets in BTC long-term — it’s far too volatile, and there are no generally accepted accounting practices for keeping track of it — so we’d be making the same conversion as you are now (and including that in the price).

We have talked a bit, internally, about accepting Bitcoin payments. It hasn’t happened yet, but we certainly haven’t ruled it out either.

Isn’t Bitcoin heading downwards already? I can’t locate the article but I think I read somewhere, few months ago that they’re about to go down. They had a great potential when it started up though.

Well, googling for “bitcoin will collapse” (in quotes) gets about 3,690 results.

For comparison, googling for “sterling will collapse” gets about 2,230 results, googling for “euro will collapse” gets about 14,100 results, and googling for “dollar will collapse” gets about 113,000 results.

It’s not easy to know what to do.

P.S. in case anyone wanted to know, googling for “gold will collapse” gets about 104,000 results.

Bitpay automatically converts and pays you out in Dollars and does not charge a fee, you are just adding a payment method for your customers.

I am in Europe and in order to pay Dreamhost I have to convert Euros to Dollars (at some 4% loss) and then Dreamhost pays a similar fee to receive my payment from Paypal (which I usually use).

We can buy Bitcoins with a much smaller fee for Euros and Dreamhost avoids paying a fee to receive it. Everyone wins! Heck you could even offer a discount for paying in Bitcoins.

I’d really like to pay in Bitcoins!
Dreamhost would get a lot of free publicity by doing this now.

Bitcoin has been publicly declared “dead” 71 times as of today:

In fact Bitcoin is doing great and is far from dead.

Please allow us to pay for Dreamhost services with the de facto Internet currency – Bitcoin. As mentioned earlier in this thread, you can save money on credit card processing fees and avoid all currency fluctuation headaches by using BitPay:

Three years after the first post here (I’m a late adopter!), and I’d like to echo this request. Accepting BTC would be more cost-efficient for Dreamhost and their customers, but also would be image-positive for DH. It is volatile, but it’s surely now sufficiently ‘mainstream’ to make this feasible?

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Hi folks, the feedback has been noted. We can probably have endless conversations about the value of BitCoin as a currency, and whether it is cost-efficient or not but I don’t think we’d get to convince DreamHost Financial team and product teams with such arguments.

Considering that DreamHost has customers from all over the world and the only accepted currency is US Dollars, I can bet that BitCoin would be down the list of other currencies to support.

Too bad Bitcoin could be less hassle payment than the current one.