Birdfeeder cam


Ok, I have my birdwatch cam all set up and working, and the bird feeder is in place*.

All I need now is an idiot proof program to stream live views to a page on my website.

I’ve played about with a few, but no success as of yet, can anyone help out by pointing me in the right direction of a suitable program or advice please?

*After spending weeks, and much pain, working out how I could send images from the far end of the garden to my computer room, finally settling on buying a wireless webcam at great expense and doing all sorts of complex stuff to get it rigged, my 14 yr old daugher suggests; “Wouldn’t it be easier just to move the birdfeeder thirty foot closer to the house?”

I never thought of that!


Teenagers think they know it all.

What computer do you have? For the Mac, I’ve used Evocam.



Thanks Scott, I’m on windows XP though :frowning:


that is no longer being developed… but it might work…

I searched “webcam ftp upload” and found that…

because essentially, I think what you would be looking for is software to capture images and then upload them every so often…

maybe try searching