Bird cam and uploads

Hi, I’ve just added a webcam to my Dreamhost site. It’s not a streaming one as Dreamhost does not host streaming services (I believe?) It’s a constantly refreshing j.peg.

Will this in any way affect my upload limits?

Do I have upload limits?

Will Dreamhost warn me before slapping other charges on?

The cam can be seen here;

That’s cool as!

The only limit you’re likely to hit is your ISP quota. If you’re on an unlimited upload plan then you’re laughin’ :wink:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

What software did you end up using? I see mention of Digi-Watcher.

One image per second is pretty serious, but it is supposed to be a quasi-video feed. For the image src line, you should include height (288) and width (352) so web browsers can allocate screen space for the image. When it cycles, or misses loading an image, the page collapses.

Based on the one image I grabbed at 37k, that works out to about 3 gigs per day. Maybe someone can check my math, but that’s a lot of uploading (~100 Gigs per month).


Thanks for that, it certainly seems that it would be a heavy upload, maybe I should think of only having it on at certain times.

I’m going to have to contact my ISP.

Any further advice will be gratefully received.

Sorry, the software is this, I paid $45 Au for it.

maybe if I limit the time the cam is on to a couple of hours each morning would solve this upload issue.

I sure hope you get it sorted, I love the idea and would definitely check in on it from time to time, and tell others that might enjoy a little Zen moment about it as well!

Many thanks.

I’ll be running it from 7.30 am, to 11.00 am Canberra time, until I get word on the upload matter from my ISP. I hope you enjoy.

Well my ISP replied;

[quote]Thank you for your support request with Internode.

On the Extreme plans there is no upload limit. The only plan we have with uploads counted is the ‘Easy Broadband’ plan.[/quote]
If they say I have no upload limit, on their heads be it! :slight_smile:

You didn’t mention that you plan on uploading 2.6 million pictures of birds every month? Out of curiosity, does that mean there’s no download limit as well?


Sadly, there are no truly unlimited download plans in Australia anymore - most ISPs cap us at 64kB/s once we hit our monthly download quota. Enough to do the basic web stuff so they’re still called “unlimited” plans. Uploaded data isn’t counted on many ISP plans, so we can stream at full rate as long as we still have a couple MB of download quota left under our belt.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Digi watcher, there’s link up the page a bit.

The cam has been running every morning for a few hours now, no complaints form my ISP so far!