BIOS TEAM hacked index pages of all domains

Hey all, I’m just wondering if I’m the only victim of the “BIOS TEAM” hack of every single index.html page I host on DH. I think my domains are spread among three servers… is it the entire server, or just me? :frowning:

No hack here.

Isn’t it a hack in your php scripts ?

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none of my index.html pages were generated by any php script. In fact, all my php based pages are fine, it’s ONLY the index.html pages that were effectively erased, and replaced with simply “BIOS TEAM”.

They’ve been busy… hope DH fixes whatever it was that let them in. Research shows they attack server ports and security holes. I dunno, I just wanted to give a heads up to any others that may be effected.

I was also hacked, looks like on 1/2/06. Both of my domains. Hadn’t updated any of my sites since last August so no big lost, but still hoping dreamhost fixes whatever let them in.

Odds are the responsibility for the fix lies squarely on your shoulders, not Dreamhost’s as these types of things normally happen through a vulnerability in an unpatched application you have installed and running like phhpBB, Gallery, WordPress etc etc.

So look at what scripts your’re running and keep them up-to-date