Billing Problem for new account


I just set up a DreamHost account and the billing page on the DreamHost website listed $142.20 as the amount I’d be charged. When I got an e-mail verification of the charge, I was informed that I had been charged $286.20 (with no information regarding the significant difference). I’d like to speak to someone at DreamHost, but apparently that’s not possible. For questions such as this (possibly fraudulent billing activities) I’ll apparently be charged $10 for a call-back. Is there any way, other than calling my credit card company to cancel the charge, that I can resolve this issue? I had heard good things about DreamHost, and I’m interested in using the hosting company, but I’m disappointed in the process so far, and in my inability to resolve problems via normal procedures (e.g. calling your billing department).


Hi Kerry, apologies for the late reply on this forum!

After a few back and forth emails the other day, I do believe we were able to clear up the confusion regarding how the credit was reflecting on the payment receipt. We apologize again for the confusion regarding this matter.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with!


No problem. Thanks very much for your help with my billing issue. I think everything has been addressed.