Billing Madness

(i already messaged billing but want to know if anyone else has had this problem.)

i’ve had “crazy domain insane” since sep 2005.

every month i was happily auto-debited $9.95 without incident … until 2/18/07 when my card got hit an extra $49.75 for “5 year renewal.” what?

nothing about my account or terms have changed since sep 2005 and i never authorized any 5 yr renewal. after reporting it i got credited … but for $38.80 instead of the full $49.75 over-charge.

then on 3/17 i get another unspecified charge for $49.75 on my card, which must be the “billing system” or whatever trying again to renew me for five years.

wait … didn’t i say “don’t do that” last month? who’s got time for this?

i didn’t notice the charge till today and immediately messaged billing. because you can’t actually talk to anyone.

what the heck is going on here? anyone else had similar problems?


PS- i’ve been at DH for almost 2 yrs … why does it say “DH New User” on my forum msg header?

Are these charges maybe related to domain renewals?

BTW, our forum titles are just related to how many posts we’ve done.

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Certainly looks like a domain renewals to me, $49.75 divided by 5 = $9.95, the exact price of a 1 year domain renewal.

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if i may quote mike in billing/support just now …

“The charge SHOULD be 9.95 for one year, but a bug in the system is causing five year renewals. The dev team is aware of and working on this bug, however I do not know when it will be corrected or the time line.”

eek. so we have some sort of explanation, and i may not be alone.

this is second straight month the bug has hit me. i’m astonished they’ve allowed such a serious problem to linger for so long. pretty sure if that happened with any team i’ve been on we’d be … um well we’d probably be out applying at dh (just down the block). : /


I certainly understand your shock! I hope they figure it out before my renewals come around.

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Wow, good info, thanks for sharing. I’ll have to watch out for it when my domains come up for renewal.

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I’ve experienced similiar problem before.

I saw a $35 deduction on my credit card bill.

First, I sent a ticket to DH support and they told me they did not charge anything.

Second, I sent a ticket to my bank and asked for refund. The bank refunded the money in one month.

I still did not know what happened but at least I got my money back :stuck_out_tongue:

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