Billing Issue

Having a billing issue, apparently my card information changed when they reset it for the home depot fiasco, and I just had my dreamhost account suspended for non-payment. I want to resolve this as soon as possible and pay the due balance with my updated card info, but I for some reason cannot login to the dreamhost panel to make a payment, nor can I check my email (since it is a dreamhost email that is now suspended). I have a work email at, and have an open ticket, but I’m concerned they will try to respond through my account email, which is suspended and I cannot check, so is there anyway to specify using my work email until this gets resolved (

Thanks in advance-

The best way to communicate directly to support is the contact form at

I don’t think they read the forum as frequently especially on weekends.

You could also try twitter @DreamHostCare which might actually be the fastest way to start the conversation. The contact form opens a ticket and it seems like that takes 24 hours or longer no matter what you do.