Billing issue - Not sure where to post this

I’m not sure where else to contact the dreamhost people because no one is replying to my emails through the support panel. I’ve been a dreamhost customer for almost 10 years now, and I’ve never really needed to use the support ticket. I’m very disappointed in the service I’m getting now that I have.

I’ve tried to contact dreamhost about the same billing error 3 times and keep getting a message that says “Dreamhost Support Ticket ##### Has Been Moved” and that I’d get a response within 24 hours to my question but I’ve never received a response after that.

Additionally, now my account has been disabled and I can’t even pay the amount that I was disputing I even owed in the first place (my emails have been proofs that I’ve already paid the money that dreamhost is billing me for — for which I keep getting in return form mails that say that I need to pay my bill).

So in a nutshell, I am unable to pay the amount (even if I want to) that I don’t think I even owe in order to continue my service because my account has been disabled.

Try communicating with them via the Dreamhost Contact Form

Hope it gets sorted for you quickly.

Something certainly does seem odd.

If it were me my second and third ticket would have said “my previous ticket #___ was moved after I opened it, would you please check on the status of that ticket and let me know when I should expect a response.” I would give no details from the original ticket on the new ticket which forces the person with ticket #2 to investigate. I would follow this plan with any companies support ticket system, not just dreamhost.

Dreamhost really does seem to take a lot of abuse over just a fewseem support tickets. There must be a better way to prevent these issues. Tickets referencing unresolved billing issues have popped up in this forum before, suggesting that the process for clearing them may be broken.