Billing/invoice inquiry

I’m not sure if this is the right section to post this; but I just had an inquiry.

Last year, I got the “My Code Monster SALE!” with 97USD off with a coupon (so my total was around… 120-140, I don’t remember) and I think I got 17.70 back(?) since DH changed to just one plan.

This is my inqury: I changed my plan once I saw that DH had changed their plan, so I think I might have essentially “bought” another year for the new plan; but I am not sure. My service should end 10-28 this year, since that is exactly when I bought my hosting last year and I paid for a year of service.

I had logged in to see my invoice today and pay with paypal with 20USD for two more months of service (since I am looking around at other services, but I haven’t really found one that compares to DH… but still, I want to keep my choices open) and I see that I have a balance due of 81.70.

I thought that this was because I changed from the Code Monster to the new plan, so I didn’t mind it; and I was about to log out when I saw this:

“(Note: Don’t worry about paying the $81.70 you owe until 2007-10-28.)”

I already paid 20USD. How come the 81.70 is due so soon? Shouldn’t it be due 12-28? Or do I have to pay it all by 10-28 since I changed?

I’m a little confused about this, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’d write tech support about that one - my guess is that the $20 just hasn’t been “posted” (credited) to your account yet, but I’d only be guessing! :wink:


When you changed your plan, what prepayment period did you pick?

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Ah… yearly. I see now. I will change to monthly. I didn’t see all that before. Thanks for the help!