Billing in production


I’ve been using DreamCompute for a month, thankfully I got the 5$ promotion haha.

I love the offering and so far it’s the most serious offering, compared to other providers like iwStack. DigitalOcean is not in the equation because is not even a real cloud provider.

I am wondering, when DreamComoute leave beta, is going to continue the same way: per flavor? Or is this going to change?

I know billing is not included so far, and I am hoping is not going to be expensive. But what worries me is for already customers, how is Billing going to work.

I love the pay for flavor, and the people I have mentioned this, love it too, hope it remains this way.


Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you’re enjoying DreamCompute!

Pricing is something we’re definitely looking for feedback on. We decided to bill differently for DreamCompute than traditional cloud providers. Most charge you for usage which means your bill is a mystery at the end of the month. Also they’re unlimited, meaning unlimited costs every month. Our approach to billing is to make it as simple and predictable as we can. That’s why we went with resource caps. You get flexibility to launch as many instances that fit in your cap and you get a predictable bill.

Some people don’t like the caps and it’s too restrictive. We’re thinking about ways to address that and would love any feedback. One idea I like is to opt-in to going over your cap and being billed for the usage. Similar to the way we bill for DreamObjects on plans now - pay for a set amount and pay metered rates for anything over that.

There is also a question of how to charge for bandwidth usage. I’d really like to take a simple approach here too. I’m thinking of treating it similarly where the resource caps would include some bandwidth and you pay for any overage. Most people would be covered by the cap but the ones that use more would be billed for the overage amount.

Thanks for the indepth answer!

I know plans may change before the release, but, is in the current plans to keep this pricing model, using flavors? Hope it does :smiley:

Thanks so much!

So far the feedback has been pretty positive so we’re planning on keeping it.

A questino I have, the quota for disk is only for Cinder? In my current plan, the storage limit is 25 Gb, but the root disk of my vm’s are of 80 Gb each.

I imagine these 80 Gb are local storage, while the 25 Gb are Ceph, is this correct?

Also, the pricing, is going to remain similar in Production? Seems like you want to compete with the prices of Digital Ocean, amazing!

That’s correct, the disk quota is only for Cinder (volume) usage. The 80GB available as root disk are for ephemeral storage so it’s gone once a vm is terminated. Volumes can be kept and attached to other VMs. The ephemeral storage is actually stored on Ceph as well and stored with triplicate replication, just like the volumes.

I’m planning to have similar pricing for production. The goal is to make it simple, predictable, and flexible.