Billing error?


Has DH messed up the billing again? I received a bill for 2 years hosting today. I made my last payment for 1 years hosting in Oct 07.

“This is just a notice that your DreamHost Account #*****
(”*******'s Account") has a balance of $238.50 (including any charges not
due until 2008-03-08), with $238.50 due (since 2008-02-08).

You also have $238.50 past due (owed since 2008-01-08), and if
by 2008-03-08 you do not pay at least the $238.50 part, your
account will be automatically suspended until payment is received.

If you would like to CLOSE your account with DreamHost, just visit:

Log in if you need to, then click the “close this account” link. If you close
your account you won’t be charged $238.50 on 2008-03-08… please stay!

| NOTE: Any account with any charges 60 days past due is considered
| delinquent and will have service discontinued until payment is made,
| so it is very important for you to make your payment as soon as you
| can. In order to help prevent a service outage, we will send you
| periodic reminders until payment is made.


We have the last payment on this account to be $-238.65 on 2008-01-15 08:44:26.

Since then the following charges have been made to the account:

There have been no new charges to this account since 2008-01-15 08:44:26.


How in the world do you expect us to know the answer to that, or to your billing scenario?

This is a customer-to-customer venue and, while DreamHost staff occasionally drops by, they don’t post very often in here. Hey, we try to help as best can, but seriously, this is the kind of thing you should discuss with DreamHost support by filing a Contact Support request from within your control panel. :wink:



I am well aware this is customer-to-customer and yes I have contacted support. As a customer you should know DH’s support response time is notoriously long and I am interested to see if others are having the same billing issues in what I class a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks for taking the time to reply though.


Actually, my experience has been very different than yours with regards to support time being “notoriously” long. They have almost always responded to me very quickly … sometimes within minutes, mostly within hours, and very rarely within about a day. :wink:

Not that it means much, as billing cycles vary for different accounts, but for anecdotal value, I am involved in the management of several accounts and none of those have experienced any billing inconsistencies since the “fat finger” struck the middle of last month.

Hopefully DH support will get back to you in what you “class a reasonable amount of time” on this one, and you can get it sorted quickly. :slight_smile:



Ohhh a billing error?

I have my fingers crossed and 1000 t-shirts ready to roll !! :slight_smile: