Billing Error

Who do I contact about this? There are no phone numbers on the website and my email to bounced.

Log into the Control Panel and Select Support–>Contact Support from the menu on the left, then complete the form near the bottom of the resulting page.

Another, slower, method is to use the contact form at


Hmmm… Maybe I am just overly suspicious, but this post strikes me as very odd.

For potential customers, every page on the DreamHost site has at least two links leading to the aforementioned contact.cgi form, while existing customers would be unlikely to miss the support tab of the admin panel.

As I said, maybe I am just too suspicious and the motives for this post may be genuine, if so I apologise, but the hosting business is pretty cut-throat these days, with DreamHost’s competitors not missing too many opportunities to highlight any perceived failings.

Edit: I should add that in my time with DreamHost I have never experienced a billing error. Every charge by DreamHost has been expected and the correct amount.


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They’ve had plenty of opportunities to screw me up and billing is the one thing that has been 100% correct. (not that anything else was really bad, just that there were many of them)


I’m also sceptical, because very little detail has been provided apart from generic information, and as far as I’m aware billing errors are non-existent (or at least extremely extremely rare). And talk about completely ignoring the “contact us” link at the top of every page of the site, as well as the link at the top of the web panel.

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Here is what happened… I was about to sign up with L1 Crazy for $93.80 with a promo code. Before I finished the purchase, I tried signing up for L3 Code Monster in a new window to see what the price would be with the promo code. I did not like the L3 price so I closed the window. I input my CC information into the L1 Crazy window, but made an error in the formatting of the CC expiration date and the form made me correct the error. I did this and hit submit, only to notice that the price had changed from L1 to L3.

Now do you get it? I’m not trying to slam Dreamhost as I have done a fair amount of research for finding a new host for my sites. I just want to be charged for the amount of what I actually intended to pay.

What is annoying is that without proceeding through the purchase form and applying the promo code, you’re not going to know what you’re actually going to pay.

This promo code thing is a mess. There’s no way to enter it in the control panel to correct the billing error as suggested by sales support.

I am also frustrated that there is no BILLING phone number for me to contact Dreamhost and yes, I did notice the Contact links and yes I have been using them. So far beyond autoresponders I have not been able to get in contact with a real person.

I am waiting for a response from the Billing Team and the Sales Team. I want this resolved.

Is that too much to ask? Why are there no phone numbers for contacting anyone? At the very least, shouldn’t there be a chat link?

I would really like a phone call from them contacting me about fixing the charge.

Also the email bounced because my email was not in their whitelist for accepting mail from me (spam prevention). Now it is.

Ok. You accidentally signed up for a different plan than you intended. That is not a “billing error”. A mistake, or accident, or “error” on your part is just something that needs straightening out with Dreamhost.

Well, you could use a calculator, or a pencil and paper, to subtract the amount of the promo code from the price of the plan you are signing up for :wink:

Wow. It never ceases to amaze me the things some will complain about - an L1 plan for $22.40 (119.40 - 97.00 if max promo was used) for a whole year is a “mess” because the user can’t figure out how to manage his browser and complete a sign up form. I can tell you are frustrated, but would you really rather not have that big discount? Hey, the form would be simpler and it would be really easy to tell how much it cost - just pay the “full up” quoted price so there is no discount to compute! :wink:

Sure there is. Enter it, along with the info you included in this post, into a Support Ticket (contact support via this link)

Yep. Dreamhost handles all this stuff via the Control Panel support ticketing system, and does not provide telephone contact numbers for “real people”. It’s unfortunate you didn’t realize this before you signed up - if those kinds of contacts are important to you, you may not be happy at Dreamhost.

Of course not! The quickest way for that to happen is via the Support ticket system, though you could continue to aggravate yourself over not being able to “call” anyone about it - I just don’t see how that is going to help it get resolved any faster.

The “why” is because Dreamhost has chosen to do this stuff in writing, via the support ticket system. There are probably a number of reasons why they chose to do it this way. As for whether or not there should be a chat link, I’m sure some people think that there should be (there is a “on again / off again” chat system in beta testing on the Control Panel support pages)

I suppose that could eventually happen, but you will get quicker results via the Control Panel than you will complaining about a billing error on the customer-to-customer forums while waiting for that call.

While Dreamhost staff does occasionally pop in here, it’s not something you can count on; if you need something fixed, a support ticket is the way to go. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted out soon.


So between entering different stuff in different windows, incorrectly formatting info, etc… the problem is with DH billing?

Yeah, that order form is confusing. It’s pure luck that the rest of us were able to fill it out and sign up for hosting!

You already have a full page of complaining under your belt–and you’re not even a customer yet. Something tells me that you’ll be wasting A LOT of the support staff’s time if you ever get past the super-difficult-impossible-to-fill-out order form.

And nowhere on the site does it say there’s phone support, so I don’t see why you’re already complaining about that.

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Hello gang,

I have been credited back the amount so now I have a 2 year Crazy plan which I’m paying $93.80 for.

With regard to the order form, I wanted to see what the 50% off Code monster was with the coupon applied. Yes, I probably should have gotten out a calculator.

I think that you would also be irritated too if you had intended to pay for one thing and inadvertently paid for something more expensive, and then had no immediate way of fixing it or had anyone to talk to about it.

I have been whiny on this issue and this whole situation is my own fault for not double checking the amount after the submit error, but it’s been resolved.

I realize a lot of hosts only show the montly price of a 1 or 2 year plan, but it was the promo code that promted me to sign up and I was irritated that the initial charge was wrong.

My bad.

I smell the sarcasm. I can tell by the tone of your posts that you guys are really satisfied with DH and are annoyed by my complaining. That’s a good thing. Now let me see for myself what being a DH customer is like now that I am one.

The thing that really sold me on DH was the wiki. With regard to support, I know what I’m doing technically, so I don’t expect to be asking for help often if at all.

Thanks for the feedback.



I’m really glad you got it worked out, and the billing is now sorted. I think $93.80 for two years of L1 (Crazy) is a great deal, and I hope your experience at Dreamhost is a good one. :slight_smile:

They do things a little different here; when you discover the amount of flexibility and power the combination of the DH Control Panel and shell access offers, you’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised at what that “hundred bucks” buys.

Welcome to Dreamhost, and Good Luck!


That is in fact an excellent deal… we all pay a lot more for renewing our accounts. I should have prepaid for 2 years when I joined DH, but back then I didn’t knew I would be so happy here. So my first 2 years cost me around $150, much more than yours $93.80. Be really happy :slight_smile:

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Somehow I totally MISSED the promo codes and signed up for two years of code monster and paid full price.

You know what? I’m STUNNINGLY pleased. The hard part they take care of (DDOS, spam (mostly), email, intrusion detection, backups) and the fun stuff I get to do - development!


I am pretty sure you can simply use the back button on your browser, changing things (including plan type) until you are happy with the result and only then proceed to the payment screen and enter your credit-card details.

Anyway, I am sorry that my initial post in this thread questioned your motives in starting the thread.

Welcome to DreamHost and I trust you will enjoy your time here :slight_smile:


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