Is there any reason why they wouldn’t be returning my emails. I was out $11 because of the billing mistake. Because of the exchange rate I’m owed more money.

are they still trying to figure it out. I sent my email 12 days ago.


You will almost always have better luck with filing a support ticket from the Control Panel than you will with sending emails. :wink:



Did you sent your mail to or ?


As per the blog post:

As rlparker and the instructions say, “contact our support team from the web panel”. Other methods may eventually work, but there’s nothing as sure-fire as explicitly and tediously following the instructions. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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If you contact DH support via web panel, the case will be logged under support history. There you can confirm whether your email has been sent to support or not.

If the email has been sent and they did not reply you in 12 days, don’t hesitate to send them another email.

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