Billing cycle?

just a quick question…

I paid for a years hosting, and according to my account summary in the “plans” section I am paid thru until nov 2007. But in the top part, where it lists my name and payment method etc it says “This Billing Cycle: 2006-11-13 thru 2006-12-12” which is rather confusing.

Surely my billing cycle is 2006-11-13 thru 2007-11-12 instead? or is that DH’s billing cycle? and they do a monthly billing cycle and I just need to ignore that part for 12mnths?

Yep, they do a monthly billing cycle, presumably in case you go over quota on disk space or bandwidth. I don’t know if they have other services they actually bill on a monthly cycle, but this is my guess.


What Scott said :wink:

Dreamhost maintains a monthly billing cycle to facilitate you registering additional domains and adding services like a dedicated IP address, etc. during the term of your plan.

For instance, if in May you register a new domain through Dreamhost, that billing cycle will reflect the amount due for the registration of that domain even though your “hosting plan” is paid up. Does that make sense?

If you have no over quota charges, and have not had any added services during the monthly billing cycle, each month’s bill will just show “0.00” due until your yearly plan payment is due.


thanks everyone! great explanations :slight_smile: